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Transpose was the startup I co-founded and served as CCO for over three years. Transpose’s mission was to handle complex data management challenges for teams and businesses by allowing individual users to work with a shared set of data in a variety of informative ways. Through the hard work of my team, we created an incredibly complex, flexible product that allowed teams of users to access complex data in a variety of ways, ensuring that each user would see their team’s data in a way that made sense to them. My designs were part of what helped us close over $2M worth of investment, maintain hundreds of thousands of active users, and bring our solution to businesses in dozens of countries.

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I was responsible for leading our creative team and personally drove the UX and UI directions we took in Transpose. My team oversaw all aspects of Transpose’s design— from core tenets to the production of assets— as well as creating a variety of educational and promotional materials.

Transpose had native applications for iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, as well as a fully-featured web application. One of the great successes of the platform was using a consistent, clear design vocabulary to speak to customers on many different devices in a predictable, easy to understand way—even when dealing with complex data-management challenges.

The intellectual property behind Transpose, including patents I had filed protecting it’s search interface and view switching modules, was sold and the product was taken offline in 2017. By the time we shuttered Transpose, it was being used by thousands of teams tackling information management challenges across then globe, and it’s shutdown prompted a flurry of effort to develop independent replacements. It’s design and UX continue to influence and live on a number of products developed by our one-time users.