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Fisheries Supply UX
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I was contracted by Hammerquist Studios, a frequent collaborator of mine over the years, to spearhead a full UX re-work for a new client in the Seattle area, Fisheries Supply. Fisheries was a marine supplier who had built a loyal following over decades due to their excellent, expert service. Their extensive knowledge of marine supply had made them a central stop for everyone from hobbyists, to professional marine mechanics, to industrial shipyards. With an online catalog of more than a million items, as well as an extensive brick-and-mortar sales floor, Fisheries was looking for redesigning their online experience to meet the needs of all of their customers and employees.

In partnership with a brand strategist, I began by conducting an extensive review of their current customers. After compiling hours of interviews, on-site visits to customers, and recordings of user activity on the current site, we formulated a core set of customer personas, around which we would center the rest of our work.

Fis ux docs 1 Fis ux docs 2 Fis ux docs 3 Fis ux docs 4 Fis ux docs 5 Fis ux docs 6 Fis ux docs 7 Fis ux docs 8

With those personas in place, I worked with the Fisheries team to develop a feature list that would satisfy the diverse needs of their customers. With those features outlined, I wireframed a redesigned shopping experience from the ground up. Due to the deep, complex nature of their catalog, and the rich order tracking and management needed by their professional customers, this was a massive undertaking. In order to facilitate a more agile design process, we began testing individual chunks of the wireframes site before all design was complete. This allowed us to learn while the design was still in-progress and incorporate those learnings as we moved forward. Full user testing and iteration also happened after wireframes were complete.

Fis ux wires 1 Fis ux wires 2 Fis ux wires 3 Fis ux wires 4 Fis ux wires 5 Fis ux wires 6 Fis ux wires 7 Fis ux wires 8 Fis ux wires 9

The Fisheries Supply site is currently in development, after being handed off entirely to the internal Fisheries Supply team.