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Cyphr Secure Messaging
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After my team’s from-the-ground-up UX rethink and full UI redesign on VyprVPN, as well as the success we had bringing it to a broader audience, Golden Frog wanted to try expanding their offerings in the security software market. Cyphr was positioned to compete with other secure chat applications that have become popular as everyday users have become more security conscious.

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Research indicated that users were intimidated both by the complexity of other apps on the market (with many options conveying varying levels of message security) and by their lack of understanding around cryptography. Subsequently, UX and visual design goals were focused on distilling chat down to the simplest feature set for clarity, communicating flexibility while limiting options for configuration, and educating users about some aspects of how the underlying technology worked.

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My team had a particularly large budget of time for iterating on the Cyphr interface, which we took as an opportunity to slim down the chat experience as much as possible. We conducted a large number of user tests — both during wireframing and visual design phases — to determine which core features and what sort of education would help us achieve those goals with minimal overhead.

Golden Frog recently decided to sunset Cyphr in in order to focus on additional business-class VPN offerings, but the product remains available for download and continued use.

Cyphr Product Page