Skyler Wagner is a UX and UI Designer, Creative Director, & a collection of shapes.

Skyler is a seasoned designer whose decade of experience has resulted in a unique blend of careful study, keen intuition, and meticulous process. After several years working as a UX and UI designer, while simultaneously providing creative direction and management for organizations, he has recently re-focused on UX and UI in order to get back to what he loves: the creation and refinement of interactive products.

Skyler spent several years as Chief Creative Officer & Lead UI/UX Designer at Transpose, Inc in Seattle. While there, his designs helped thousands of large and small businesses transform intimidating data management tasks in to effortless insight. Additionally, he fostered a lightweight creative team that could meet the needs of a dynamic workplace.

At Amazon, Skyler worked as a Senior Designer, where he brought the polish of a B2C design process to enterprise-focused products.

Previously at Golden Frog, Skyler was hired as a Sr. UI/UX designer, and later promoted to Lead UI/UX designer and Creative Director. His process and advocacy drove renewed investment in design on the part of Golden Frog as an entire organization.

As an independent designer, Skyler has led the design of interactive products for a wide variety of clients, from exciting local products to globally recognized brands. He brings with him a studied, evidence-based approach, rooted in an academic background that bridges the disciplines of Cognitive Psychology and Graphic Design.